Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Next Steps for #AGEC19_KE Learners

#AGEC19_KE has helped develop entrepreneurial mindsets in the lives of so many learners around Kenya and we would like to nurture and keep it that way!

We’ve presented a number of different opportunities, and next steps below, whereby learners can get involved in and continue on the path of entrepreneurial glory.

Educators, be sure to encourage your learners to participate or get involved in any one of the below opportuinities:

  1. Startup School – by Y-Combinator (Online. Free. Arguably the best startup course in the world.)
  2. Educate! Kenya (Through this program, high school learners participate in Business Clubs. They’re provided with skills-based leadership and entrepreneurship training courses. Educate! Kenya in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development then hold an Exhibition. Learners present their businesses and are assessed. Educate! Kenya will continue partnering with AGGP Kenya, and participate in AGEC as an independent means of assessing the entrepreneurial skills that learners in their affiliate schools are gaining.)
  3. Recommend Books: Abundance, Peter Diamandis, The Lean Startup, Disciplined Entrepreneurship and
  4. Recommended Podcast: Entrepreneur on Fire