Challenge 31: Pitch Contest

By now you’ve put a lot of good work into your business. You’ve worked to understand your customer really well, you’ve found the ideal revenue model, you’ve tested your biggest assumptions and tweaked your model, you’ve built your MVBP and made your first sales … And now it’s time to pitch for some Money and Mentorship!

The top 5 pitches will see the team’s CEO flown to Nairobi for the AGEC Gala Awards Event on Saturday, 3 August. Here the CEO will pitch to our investment panel for a share of Ksh 175 000 in Cash Investment, as well as access to our amazing business mentors.

The process:     

  1. To be eligible for the prizes, you need to submit this challenge before 10 pm on Thursday 27th June.
  2. On Monday, 1st July we’ll announce our 20 favourite submissions, who will progress to the Finals Round.
  3. These 20 finalist teams will receive coaching/feedback from our experienced business advisers and will have until midday on Monday, 8th of July to submit their improved video submissions.
  4. On Monday, 15th July we’ll announce the 5 winning teams, whose CEO’s will be flown to Nairobi for the Gala Event on the 2nd of August.

Question 1

Being able to effectively communicate how your business adds value is a crucial skill for any entrepreneur. Time to get some practice!

Submit a 2-5 minute video pitch for your business.

Upload a URL which links to your video pitch.

NB! – Make sure that the video has public permissions – i.e. that anyone with the link can view it. without having to log into anything. You may use Youtube, Vimeo or any other safe and secure video hosting service.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the Lean Iterator 5 Slide Pitch Deck model for crafting and delivering your pitch. That said, you do have license to get creative with how you pitch your business. (Note that we do not expect you to cover more than the 5 core slides in your video.)

*** Key Notes ***

  • Submitting your video via this challenge is the only way in which to enter the Pitch Competition.
  • Videos with durations longer than 5 minutes will not be considered for the pitch competition.
  • Having made real progress (sales and/or product development) with the business will count heavily in your favour.