Recommendations for the Top 20 Pitch Teams

To maximize the chances of the Top 20 teams making it through to the Top 5, we have the following recommendations:

  1. Practice, practice, practice! Great speakers make it look easy. Usually, that’s because they’ve practised their talk 100 times.
  2. Get some help from a seasoned entrepreneur in refining your pitch. Our coaches are good, but they’re also incredibly busy. A 30-minute call can only do so much. Ask parents or teachers if they can help with finding a good entrepreneur willing to help.
  3. In business, it’s all about traction! If you can arrive on pitch night (3 Aug) having already sold 10 000 units of your product, chances are good that you’ll win.
    1. Sometimes you need less than you’d think to get started selling: The Dropbox MVP story.