Important Date Change: Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Challenge 2021

IMPORTANT NEWS: We have amended start of the Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Challenge 2021 for Learners to 12:00 noon on Monday 16th August (instead of Monday 9th August).

>>> Make sure to read to the end to find out how your learners can earn points before 16th August.

There has been an amazing response for Wavumbuzi 2021! To date 150 schools have confirmed that they will participate, and more will join soon.

Over 200 Teachers have attended the virtual training in the last two weeks; this is encouraging! We know what a busy time it is (as Schools settle into the beginning of Academic Year 2021) and recognize that there are many more Teachers that would appreciate some more time to complete training, as as to efficiently support their Learners. So we have added another week before the start of Wavumbuzi KE2021!

Please take advantage of the extra time by logging into the Teacher Portal and looking at the resources available to you. Most importantly complete adding your Learners and colleagues.
LEARNERS CAN ALREADY EARN POINTS: There are already activities your Learners can complete this week. All they need to do is login and they can earn:
  • +300 Points for completing the start of game survey (which will help us know their status before they participate in the Challenge)
  • +200 Points for completing their Player Biography
  • +20 Points for selecting an Avatar
  • +5 Points for every friend in Secondary / High School they invite who registers for Wavumbuzi KE2021
Want an exercise to do in the classroom this week to prepare for Wavumbuzi? Why not ask your Learners if they can think of an entrepreneur they admire and answer the QUESTION – what makes someone a good entrepreneur? The ANSWER – they have certain skills, knowledge and attitudes that good entrepreneurs need, collectively we call these entrepreneurial competencies.

You can let your Learners know that in Wavumbuzi they will have the opportunity to discover six of the most important entrepreneurial competencies! From 12:00 Monday 16th August they can login to find out what they are.

Please contact our WhatsApp Support Line on +254 799 740 458 if you have any queries.

Enjoy Wavumbuzi!
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